That time of year has come around again where Marie Forleo’s B School is opening up for 2016. Years ago I thought about taking this $2000 course as I absolutely love Marie’s weekly videos. Her creativity is captivating and her marketing is genius. However, I don’t think her course is much more than that. I have a friend who took her course and was disappointed. $2000 is a lot of money to spend on an online course to not receive specific information that would pertain to your business as well as not receiving one on one guidance. Don’t get me wrong I do love Marie and her free weekly videos are entertaining but I don’t see the value in B School for a lot of people and my friend had high hopes for the course. B School is an 8 week course that talks about:

-profit plan (who is you target market?)
-websites, communication
-list building
-product/service offerings

All of which can be found for free on online resources. Neil Patel’s ‘The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing’ is more thorough and it is free. I know a lot of online courses essentially charge what you can basically find for free on the internet, but your not going to do all the work to gather and look for all that information online so many marketers will do it for you, repackage it and sell it in a course, but $2000 is way too much to charge for that. B School also has a Facebook Group in which has a lot of other students who are trying to sell their own courses, essentially being a pyramid marketing scheme. Marie’s target market tends to be insecure overwhelmed women who are lost and take course after course but unfortunately don’t get any further then they initially were. Also, most of the great reviews are by students who have taken the course that are affiliates (you have to initially take the course to become an affiliate) and then you receive half the enrolment fee if you get someone to purchase B School through you (so an affiliate receives $1000 for each person that enrolls in B School). This is a very big incentive for people to promote the heck out of this program (20 people sign up through your affiliate, then you receive $20,000!) not a bad business model!! But is it going to really teach you what you probably don’t already know? Probably not. My friend tried to get her money back when she realized the course was not for her but it was past the time she could get a refund. (1/5th of Marie’s customers ask for a refund, thats 20% of her customers, here is an article talking about it here: This article illustrates how she makes it more difficult to receive a refund which lowered how many refunds she received, thus increasing how much money she was able to keep. Financially speaking that is great but for a heart centred business I don’t think that is fair. Any coaching course I took had a reasonable refund policy and made it easy for one to make a refund if they truly felt it was not helping them.

Perhaps B School can help some people (I think networking is the biggest benefit if you have an established business in which Marie’s clients are your target market) but please make sure it is the right support for you. Noone wants to waste $2000 and 8 weeks of their time. I believe one on one support to help you get your online business off the ground is more valuable and targeted towards your specific needs. The content in B School is too basic and broad to help thousands of people with their specific problems and concerns to grow their business.

Have you taken B School? What did you think of it?? Please feel free to comment below and give your opinion on how B School was and if it helped your business (aside from the affiliate income). Would you take it again??

Till next time!