5 Reasons You Never Got a Second Date

1. Poor Appearance/Attire First impressions are very important when it comes to the first date. Even though we tell ourselves we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, we unfortunately often do. First dates are no exception. Is work stress taking its toll on your appearance? When getting back into the dating scene give yourself [...]

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Feeling Isolated Working From Home? 5 Tips to Help Overcome This

Being an entrepreneur or self employed (or simply having a home office working remotely for a company) can be a dream come true for most people although it does come with its fair share of problems. One of them being feeling isolated if you work from home. For some it may not be a concern [...]

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Wealth/Power Addiction

A lot of people search for a life coach to solve their problems and improve their life. I find a lot of executives in big cities such as Toronto or New York search for a life/executive coach as they are unsatisfied with their career. […]

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