Many people who seek life coaching are often unhappy with the state of their relationships. They could just be ending one, single and can’t seem to find a suitable partner, or are in the midst of a toxic relationship. Either way, successful people tend to have successful relationships. You are most like the top five people you hang out with so choose wisely! Studies show who you marry is the biggest decision of your life yet most people don’t devote as much time to relationships as they do their career. That’s probably why the divorce rate is 50 percent or more. A happy marriage will dictate the rest of your life and you will take that positive energy throughout other areas of your life. On the other hand, a bitter and unhappy marriage will make other areas of your life suffer just as much.

Here are my top five tips for the new bachelor or bachelorette looking to meet their match

1. Heal Old Wounds                                                                                                         

If you are coming out of a toxic relationship it is best to take some time for yourself and not jump back into another relationship. It will most likely just be a rebound and not what you are looking for. Even worse, you could be just repeating past old patterns and setting yourself up for another disappointment. You should try to understand yourself and your choices more and why you chose a partner that was toxic. Self analysis helps when trying to heal and grow and taking some time to focus on YOU is the best thing you can do for yourself

2. Stay Positive                                                                                                                                                     

Its tough to stay positive after a disappointing relationship but once you feel that you are                                        ready to start dating again its best to keep an open and positive state of mind.  Any negativity will be felt from potential matches and they will not want to be around you, let alone date you! Setting positive intentions will allow the things you want to happen gravitate toward you naturally. Even having a vision board can help you stay positive and motivated to meet the right partner you are searching for.

3. Start a New Hobby                                                                                                 

Taking up a new hobby will allow you to meet new people and break up your routine. Through hobbies, people often meet new friends and partners, develop new skills and enrich their personal development.

4. Hire a Matchmaker 

Hiring a matchmaker may open up the pool of people you could meet that you others wouldn’t, especially if you have a long list of specific requirements that a matchmaker can cater to. These days with online dating many people are not who they say they are so working with a matchmaker introduces you to candidates who have been screened and legitimate. A matchmaker can also save you time if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the patience to online date or have a good network of people to introduce you to someone. I work with matchmakers and point my coaching clients in the right direction if I feel it would best suit their needs.

5. Refresh your Wardrobe/Interior Design 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to change your surroundings if possible like move into a new area after a divorce or break up. If that’s not possible then changing your furniture or moving furniture around could offer a fresh new start. Pick up a book or search the internet for Feng Shui tips for good suggestions. A new wardrobe may also put you in good spirits and give you the self confidence boost needed to go out and meet new people.