I have been meaning to write about this over the last few weeks. As the year winds down and my coaching business has become more visible I have had a lot of positive responses, but also have experienced some negative comments by random haters. People will always have their own opinion on something and more often than not when its negative, it has more to do with them being unhappy with themselves than anything to do with you. When owning your own business one has to have the emotional resilience to keep moving forward when haters will try to bring you down-and they will. Not everyone will be rooting for you or have your back. You have to remember your mission in your business should be much bigger than your need to be liked and approved of. Most people don’t even love themselves, so how can they begin to contribute positive vibes to others? The bigger you get, the more haters you will have. The saying is true that it is often lonely at the top. Most entrepreneurs and business leaders are often isolated and lonely. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with people who motivate you and understand your mission to help keep you moving forward in your business, and life! My coaching programs have been so successful in supporting small business owners grow their business and create the positive mindset you need to keep moving forward right when you are about to quit. The support of having someone there to listen, provide honest feedback, and kick your ass into gear is immensely beneficial in more ways than one. In economic terms, the return on investment can be high. In personal terms, it can improve relationships and improve confidence within yourself and your business. Alway’s remember- don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.