Peter Pan Syndrome-a disorder in which a man is unable to grow into maturity. They may grow physically as an adult but choose to hang on to their childhood in avoidance of assuming responsibility like a mature person. They are men who stay as boys inside. They are also imprisoned in the result given by the freedom of youth. The term “Peter Pan syndrome” is derived from the book “Peter Pan” written by J.M. Barrie about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up and lives in Neverneverland where people do not grow old. Peter pan syndrome can affect both men and women, but it is most often seen in the male population.

I came across this term while on vacation. I was in the back of an Uber vehicle and the driver was hospitable enough to have magazines to read on the long car ride over to where I was going.
I picked up a Cosmopolitan and read an interesting article discussing the prevalence of Peter Pan Syndrome and the “Wendy’s”, the women who act on behalf of their partners as a motherly figure or even actual mothers enabling their sons/daughters to live like this.

I could not help but think about my coaching practice. The thing I love about my business is that I do help a variety of people (I don’t just serve one niche) I get contacted by successful entrepreneurs all the time but I also get contacted by people who need help motivating themselves to do something meaningful with their lives. It is often the parents of the one in need that contacts me or the individual themselves who realizes something needs to change in their life.

Often the biggest complication with Peter Pan Syndrome is not being able to build strong and healthy relationships. They are unsuccessful in facing their fears and taking on responsibilities that form the basis of becoming a dependable adult. They often are unmotivated, have low self esteem, and feel depressed. They do not exhibit the self confidence, motivation, and determination that are needed to be successful in life.

Many times unrealizing the parents are at fault as they never held their children responsible for any actions growing up or gave them anything to be responsible about. Children grow comfortable with this and when they become adults do not want to change or really know how.
People suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome tend to not have the right role models growing up and require a support network to help motivate them to build a better and more rewarding life for themselves. This is where a life coach comes in and can help support someone looking to build their self esteem, push them to reach goals, change habits, and create a much more productive life that they look forward to living!