I was skeptical to initially work with a Toronto life coach but a friend urged me to hire one as a coach had helped her gain more success. Christina helped me to establish clear goals on my new business venture and push past my procrastinating ways. Meeting with her every week I noticed I met my objectives faster and more efficently than I could on my own. My overall confidence in my business endeavours grew and we have had our best sales year ever.
Karen, Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON, Push through Procrastination
Christina helped me establish clear goals in my six lines of business ventures I run aside from my medical practice. She helped to gain clarity on the specific objectives I wanted to meet, instead of wandering aimlessly throughout my various businesses. Weekly sessions help me stay focused on the core values of my business and Christina pushes me to stay on top of the specific goals I aim to achieve.
Nick, Medical Executive, Toronto, ON, Accountability

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Limiting Belief

“My experience with Christina has been amazing. She helped me push through my limiting beliefs about money and how my negative patterns were holding me back. I instantly felt like she had known me for years and that we had a strong connection. I am now more self aware and my business is in a better place.”

Karen, Financial Anaylst, Toronto, ON

Caring Approach

“Although I was skeptical to work with a coach Christina’s empathetic nature made me feel very comfortable being open and honest with her and what I wanted out of life.”

– Mary, Masters Student, Toronto, ON

More Confidence in Relationships

“I have suffered from low self esteem for years and Christina showed me the positive attributes of my personality. She helped me create an online dating profile that best reflects my strengths and values. I met someone and we have been together for 2 years, I am so happy!”

– Kris, Consultant, Toronto, ON

Support Through a Divorce

“I was feeling unhappy going through my divorce and needed someone to listen and support me through this tough transitional time. Christina guided me through my healing process and helped rebuild my self esteem.”

– Michelle, Business Owner, Toronto, ON

Great Insight

“Christina provided me with some great insight I failed to see in a toxic relationship I was in. She helped me discover patterns I formed and assisted in establishing boundaries for myself to create more fulfilling relationships.”

– Jane, Lawyer, Vancouver, BC

New Career Direction

“I really didn’t feel my work was contributing to society and was aligned with my values. Christina helped me discover who I really am and discover a new career path that has been much more rewarding. I don’t regret my decision of quitting my job and following my passion at all. I would definitely recommend working with Christina.”

– Ryan, Restaurant Owner, NY, NY

Healing from Toxic Relationship

“I was feeling quite lost before I hired Christina. I just came out of an emotionally abusive relationship and am normally quite a strong minded individual. Christina helped me improve my confidence and boundaries so I can achieve a more loving relationship with myself and others. I am now in a emotionally fulfilling relationship and couldn’t be any happier.”

– John, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

More Balance in my Life

“My life as an investment banker is very hectic and I’m on a plane most days of the week. My health and mind was spiralling downwards and my friend suggested I work with a coach. Although I was skeptical at first Christina was very direct in her approach and put me on a path to more balance. I incorporate meditation, yoga, and a healthier diet into my lifestyle and in result live a more relaxed and balanced life.”

– Greg, Investment Banker, New York, NY

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Let’s talk about your goals and how I can help you.

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