A lot of people search for a life coach to solve their problems and improve their life.
I find a lot of executives in big cities such as Toronto or New York search for a life/executive coach as they are unsatisfied with their career.

Too often these executives (usually Bay St and Wall St traders) work hard for a large house, expensive car, vacation home, and other materialistic pursuits that staying in their career is just a form of golden handcuffs. At the end of the day they are not happy with the work they produce and feel unsatisfied with their lives day in and day out, yet they stay as they have fear of the unknown, and addicted to the feeling of being powerful and important. Sure, everyone enjoys the luxuries of life but if your in a job you hate to make another $2 million to add another $10 million bank account you are probably an addict. What these power/wealth addicts need to realize is that they are very lucky to be able to pursue true passions in their life that they never could before. Who cares about making an extra million? Does it really matter at this point? During an initial session I ask you key questions to come up with what you really want in life and provide confidence and direction on how to get there. Many people are so surprised that they are actually happier sacrificing a bit of money for doing work they love and are more in tune with their core values. They wake up feeling excited for their day as opposed to another stressful day at the office. If your not feeling excited by your career and you feel you need a different life direction please contact me at chris@optimizedlifecoach.com I would be happy to design a plan together that will get you excited about your life again!